King, King, Goose? by Mandy M. Roth


October 25, 2014
The Raven Books
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When I chose to read a book the makes me laugh so hard that I wake my husband up, I should really do it on a weekend not on a work night. Honestly, I already knew that King, King, Goose? Was hilarious and that I should have waited for the weekend but I just could not help myself. This story is not only funny it is also very sweet when you think that the dragon king would go to so much trouble to make his wife happy. Although… I don’t think what happened was exactly what he had in mind.

Seriously, things are hard right now and we all could use a good belly laugh over something and this book will give you that laugh and the price for King, King, Goose? Is just right.

Original Review
Posted to my blog on 3/8/2014
I laughed so hard my Husband asked me what was funny so I finished reading it to him. This was an awesome short story.

Book Cover Rating      ☆☆☆☆

Book’s Blurb
Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance
Very Short FREE Promotional Story (4k words and then first chapter excerpts from select titles)

As dragon shifter and king of his people, King Najarni wants to make his lovely wife happy. Her Earthly customs and holidays are strange to him so he sends men forth to her realm to learn of these bizarre rituals. When his wife, Queen Tara, sees what her husband and his faithful guards have done, she can’t help but laugh.

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